Black Mountain Kung Fu


Eleri Lewis - Mother of two of our Junior students:-


"We are very pleased with how well both our sons are doing under the guidence of a very friendly patient & committed teacher/instructor.

Both our sons have grown in confidence, self control, discipline & listening skills & enjoy working towards their next gradings.

Very friendly mixed age & ability group."


Luke Shackley - Student Of 3 years:-


"The system is a fast dynamic style of attack and defence. It's a predominately hand based system that is difficult to overcome. The club is a warm welcoming place where everyone is given the time to learn and enjoy themselves while learning valuable martial arts and self defence skills. The instructor is patient and very knowledgable and will always push you to achieve your utmost."


Rebekah Randall - Student Of 4 years:-


"Black Mountain Kung Fu is a welcoming club where you can build confidence and gain experience in martial arts/self defense. The instructor is very helpful, takes time to explain everything and encourages you to achieve your best."